Sipfront ❤️ Hepic

If your automated test runs pass, all is good. But what if they fail, and even more so, if they fail sporadically and non-reproducibly? A case for monitoring and observability platforms Passive monitoring solutions are great tools for Telco operators to retrospectively troubleshoot call scenarios. If a particular customer raises a ticket about failed calls, you can quickly and easily drill down into the call flows, bits and bytes of the involved SIP messages, to uncover the reason for the issues. Read more →

Traffic Generation Agents in your own local environment

The vast majority of Telco Systems under Test (SuT) are located in private networks or behind firewalls. The reason for that is that a big part of testing takes place in development environments (which often reside directly on developers’ computers), in confined lab environments, or within Continuous Integration workflows. Production systems on the other hand are usually protected by firewalls and ACLs and only allow traffic from and to certain IP address ranges. Read more →

Sipfront ❤️ SIPVicious PRO

VoIP testing involves different angles, most importantly performance tests, functional tests, but also security tests. Now there is something in for the launch of Sipfront: Sipfront teams up with Enable Security to offer SIPVicious Pro scenarios! If you expose a VoIP system to the public internet, you might notice within a couple of minutes certain strange SIP traffic patterns trickling in. Read more →