STIR/SHAKEN to fight robo-calls - Authorizing Caller Ids

Robocalling, or the automated generation of calls - combined with spoofed caller ids (calling party numbers) - is illegal in most of the countries, but is still rising especially in the US. STIR (Secure Telephony Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Secure Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) are the standardized frameworks to fight these illegally spoofed calls. Read more →

Remote-Controlling sipp

A lot of engineers working in the Telco industry, and particularly those with an affinity towards open source, know about sipp, the performance testing tool for the SIP protocol. Many of those engineers know the default key mappings of the console based interface by heart. Increase the call rate by one with + or by ten with *, quit with q etc. Read more →

Client-side Kamailio

At Sipfront, we implement a product to provide SIP performance testing as a service. The core element of every performance benchmarking is an agent on the client side generating the traffic, which in our case is sipp, while at the same time, Kamailio is a well known SIP proxy typically used on the server side. Read more →

The technology stack behind Sipfront

Since several people have asked me about the technology behind Sipfront, I’d like to shed some light behind the scenes on the tech stack currently used to drive the service. Sipfront is currently a one man show, therefore it’s important to keep everything as simple as possible. I tried to balance the technology stack in a way to finally use new stuff I wanted to play with since a long time while still being able to move very quickly. Read more →