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Public Agents

We operate agents in publicly available agent pools, which you can use as part of the Sipfront service. These agents run hot-standby, so usually a test configured to run in a Sipfront public agent pool will start pretty instantly.

There is nothing you have to configure on your end when using a public agent pool, other than potentially opening your firewalls for the IP addresses listed next to the agent pool names, in case your service is protected network-wise.

Sometimes, your test will stay in allocating agents state for 2-3 minutes. This happens when all agents in the selected pool are busy at the time of the test run. In that case, Sipfront auto-scales the agent pool by launching on-demand agents for your test run, and the test will eventually run after some minutes.


If you have a specific requirement for public agents in a specific region which Sipfront is not covering at the moment, feel free to open a ticket at our Support Dashboard.