Sipfront ❤️ Hepic

If your automated test runs pass, all is good. But what if they fail, and even more so, if they fail sporadically and non-reproducibly?

A case for monitoring and observability platforms

Passive monitoring solutions are great tools for Telco operators to retrospectively troubleshoot call scenarios. If a particular customer raises a ticket about failed calls, you can quickly and easily drill down into the call flows, bits and bytes of the involved SIP messages, to uncover the reason for the issues. No more “Can you please try to call this number again?” games with the customer.

One of the most sophisticated VoIP monitoring platforms on the market is Hepic, the commercial sibling of the hugely popular open source Homer project.

Native Hepic integration in Sipfront

By teaming up with QXIP, THE experts in VoIP monitoring, we are able to provide a native integration of Hepic directly from within the Sipfront interface!

Sipfront Hepic integration

With Hepic, you can now pick any sent or received message within your test run and inspect the full call flow, timing and message content of the corresponding SIP dialog.

This helps tremendously in case certain test calls go wrong and you need an end-to-end view of the call details.

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