• Location: Austria
  • Occupation: Bachelor- or Master thesis
  • Job Type: Full-time / Part-time
  • Skills: Python
  • Salary: from €2.635 per month (paid 14 times per year) / 38.5h per week

About the project

At Sipfront, we automate testing of real-time communication services. To achieve this, we simulate phone calls and video conferences for our customers and check if connections get established and quality matches expectations.

For our research project, we are looking for a Research student - Machine Learning Specialist (f/m/d)

If you are interested in AI/Machine Learning, Data Analysis and are not afraid of statistics, you are in the right place! Would like to do your thesis with us?


Cooperate with Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence to transform and analyze data of our automated tests. Create machine learning models/algorithms to successfully predict future results.

About you

  • You are eager to join a small but growing team of engineers in an early stage, where you can heavily influence the trajectory of the product.
  • You embrace a highly autonomous work environment, where performance is measured by results and impact on the team.
  • You love to work closely with small to huge global internet and telecom companies, improving their automated QA work-flows.

Technical landscape

  • Machine Learning / AI
  • Statistics, Data Analysis
  • Prediction algorithms
  • Python, Jupyter


  • Potential internship
  • Part-/Full-time employment during the course of the thesis
  • Potential Full-time employment afterwards

Why you should join Sipfront

Our mission is to improve the quality of real-time communications. We, the founders team, are engineers by heart, and we love working with other engineers.

If you join, you can collaborate with our customers from the top Fortune 100 down to startups around the globe, and you will be able to breathe WebRTC, VoIP, Machine Learning and other exciting technologies besides your main work focus. You will work with top engineers on cutting-edge technology, utilizing your past experience and improving your skills. As the company grows, you will have the opportunities to either take responsibility for a team or develop into an expert engineering position.

Our remuneration packages include stock options, allowing you to benefit from future company success. Everyone’s contribution is recognized as part of the company’s performance.

About the interview

We’re trying to keep the hiring process as lean and efficient as possible for both sides. We split the process into two parts, a non-technical call and a technical interview.

Non-technical video call (30min)

Our first point of contact will be a brief 30 minutes call to get to know each other. We’ll chat about your prior experience and projects, Sipfront’s mission and vision, as well as your expectations to see if there is a potential fit for us to work with you.

Technical interview (2h, video call or on-site)

In this session, we will explore generic code snippets in a language of your choice together, trying to solve some Advent of Code-Style problems. You’re expected to write code in this session, with our main focus to learn about your technical approach to problems and your communication skills explaining your approach.

We will then together explore some approaches to machine learning and data analysis and talk about how you would plan and implement certain scenarios yourself. During this discussion, you’re not expected to write code, but reason about technology choices, model designs, time estimations and trade-offs.


We will let you know as soon as possible, typically within a couple of days after the interviews, about our decision.

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