• Location: Vienna/Austria, Graz/Austria, Remote Europe
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Skills: Modern web development frameworks (React/Vue/Angular..), Postgres
  • Salary: min. 3,551€ gross monthly for 38.5 h/week (IT KV) + fair overpayment + employee stock options
  • Apply: jobs@sipfront.com

About us

At Sipfront we automate the testing of telecom services. We simulate calls for our customers and check, among other things, whether the connections are established and whether the call quality is right. By automating the test processes, our customers can offer their services more cheaply, faster and with higher quality.

About you

You have a degree in technology or some years of professional experience as a software developer and would like to work with us to improve the Sipfront web application and API for our customers. You have already shown your technical skills in successfully implemented web projects in the commercial or open source environment. You would like to take on responsibility and independently develop a web application.

What the job involves

  • You’ll have a high degree of autonomy to work on new features and redesigning existing ones.
  • We like to iterate quickly and ship to production in short release cycles, so your work will have immediate impact.
  • We focus heavily on the user experience of our interfaces, so you will have time to refactor and experiment with performance and usability improvements.

Our stack

We run our product stack on AWS, trying to leverage on existing AWS services rather than operating auxiliary services by ourselves. Our components involve:

  • Amazon AWS
  • Web applications in Javascript and Perl
  • Microservices, Message Queues, Data Processing in Go, Python und Perl
  • Lambda functions in Python and Go
  • System observability based on OpenTelemetry/Jaeger & Datadog
  • Grafana, Elasticsearch, Postgresql, Timestream DB, ApacheMQ

The company

The founding team consists of passionate technicians with decades of experience in IT and telecommunications. We work with a world-class team of developers to support small to very large telecom companies worldwide to fully automate their test workflows. With the growth of a high-scale startup, there will be many opportunities for our employees to grow in management or expert functions over the next few years. An attractive participation program also allows our employees to participate directly in the company’s success.

About the interview

We’re trying to keep the hiring process as lean and efficient as possible for both sides. We split the process into two parts, a non-technical call and a technical interview.

Non-technical video call (30min)

Our first point of contact will be a brief 30 minutes call to get to know each other. We’ll chat about your prior experience and projects, Sipfront’s mission and vision, as well as your expectations to see if there is a potential fit for us to work with you.

Technical interview (2h, video call or on-site)

In this session, we will explore generic Javascript and/or Typescript code snippets together, trying to solve some Advent of Code-Style problems. You’re expected to write code in this session, with our main focus to learn about your technical approach to problems and your communication skills explaining your approach.

We will then together revisit a specific feature which we’ve shipped to production. After a brief high-level explanation of the purpose and architecture, we’ll explore this feature together and talk about how you would plan and implement that yourself. During this discussion, you’re not expected to write code, but reason about technology choices, design and user experience considerations, time estimations and trade-offs.


We will let you know as soon as possible, typically within a couple of days after the interviews, about our decision.

How to apply

We look forward to receiving a message with your application, your CV and, if applicable, your most recent certificates to:jobs@sipfront.com

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