The feature requests we heard most over the last weeks were to improve the per-test reporting and to allow failed tests to re-run automatically and immediately. We heard you, so here is what we came up with.

Report test history per project

Based on the global dashboard, we reworked the reporting of tests within test projects to make the history of individual tests more visible. The last 25 test runs have been replaced with a clickable spark line for quick access to run details.

new test history sparkline

When expanding the card, you can see the history for the selected time range, and a activity report for the last 365 days.

new test history overview

The Browse section shows the tabular view of the individual runs which you can filter based on the status and failure causes, similar to what you already know from the global Dashboard view, but for this individual test.

new test run browser

The new structure also gives us the visual space to add more historic data such as RTP metrics over time in the future.

Automatically re-run failed tests

You can now configure the number of retries of a specific test, if a test run fails based on your configured test conditions (e.g. call states don’t match, the MOS score is not reached etc).

configure retries on failed tests

Once our system determines that a test does not pass, it will immediately perform a re-run of the same test without triggering your configured webhook. This helps to reduce alerts on your end if you have tests which are sometimes flaky, or if you encounter a short temporary outage. If the test does not recover during the retries, you will receive the webhook after the last attempt. In case the test recovers, you will not receive the webhook, but still will see the failed attempts on the dashboard and in your daily report notification.

Retries are performed both if a test is started manually on the web interface, via the API, or via the scheduler.

Feedback and new Feature Requests

We’d love to hear your opinion on our latest changes! Do you like it? Do you hate it? Would you love to have it extended or improved in one way or another?

Leave a comment below, or send us a message on X/Twitter, LinkedIn or via Email!

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